Thursday, August 16, 2007

Run DMC : Sucker MC's (from It's Like That and You Talk Too Much 12")

Run DMC : Sucker MC's (Profile, 1983) (DivShare)

24 years after the facts it's easy to say that it was an obvious mistake to put Sucker MC's on the B side of It's Like That. As much as I like it I have to admit it's a little bit corny. Most would think that keeping it on the B side was a label decision and that Run DMC had to fight with Cory Robbins, Manny Bella and Steve Plotnicki to release Sucker MC's, but actually DMC described the classic as a throwaway track. Go Figure...

Now may be someone can enlight me on something : how comes every copy of It's Like That I've seen reads : Sucker MC's (Krush-Groove 1). They had no idea they would do a movie named Krush Groove when their first 12" came out. Does that mean that I've never seen an original copy of the record ? Same question for the LP, the album came out march 1984, long before they though about doing a movie.

The track was released years later also on the B side of the UK pressing of You Talk Too Much, which is actually the first Run DMC 12" with a picture cover.


Anonymous said...

JMJ forever.

Anonymous said...

Slurg, I need a HUGE favor. Would you happen to have the instrumental version of Sucker MC's?


alley al said...

where the eff you at, slurg?

maybe those copies were reprints already?
or maybe krush groove was a term they used before the movie.

you talk too much might be like the 1st or 2nd set of rap yrics that i learned. damn, i'm old.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Krush Groove was a term they used way back before it became the title of the movie. I forget the specifics, but I'm pretty sure it refers to the fact that the beat was created by Russ's group Orange Krush.

Anonymous said...

To confirm Krush Groove referred to Orange Krush...and Run shouts them out in the lyrics

"Took a test to become an MC..And Orange Krush became amazed at me, so Larry put me inside his Cadillac..."

Another Q: What exactly did Manny do? Our parents were friends and I even got invited to some Profile parties back in the day, but never made it out to any.