Friday, July 28, 2006

Beastie Boys : Dope Little Song (from Get It Together 12")

Beastie Boys : Dope Little Song (Capitol, 1994)
Al Tariq : Just A Lil Joint (Correct, 1996)

After Dr Dre's long track I updated earlier, there shouldn't be a lot of room left on the server, so I just kept two short songs this time.

First is my favorite Beastie Boys' b-side. That means a lot, because we all know how deep their b-side catalogue is. Also it doesn't hurt that it's on the same record as one my favorite song, Get It Together. Resolution Time which was on the same record is a rock song, which they probably included for those who bought the record for Sabotage. It's an OK song, that was also on the CD-version of the single, so you can probably find it easily on the net.

And while on the subject of dope short tracks, here is Just A Lil Joint. All that these two songs share is that they are both one minute and 52 seconds. Yeah, that's a good reason to feature them together.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dr Dre : Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray (from Fuck With Dre Day 12")

Dr Dre, Rage, Kurupt, That Nigga Daz: PuffinOn Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray (Death Row, 1992)

Sorry for the lack of update, blame my ISP, not me !

I'll be short because I can't try to find smart things you don't know about Dre (and you come here for the mp3 anyway)

The 7 things I like the most about this track ?
1-It has Rage on it
2-Nate Dogg is not on it
3-It's produced by LA rap pioneer Chris The Glove Taylor.
4-It's credited to LA rap pioneer ChrisThe Glove Taylor.(Dre always give some credit to his ghostwriter and ghostproducers but people don't read the fine prints)
5-It's 12 minutes long
6-It has no chorus
7-It's the b-side of a 5 minutes hit that doesn't have a chorus.

Come back later this week for other million sellers b-side.

Dr Dre, Rage, Kurupt, That Nigga Daz: PuffinOn Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray (Death Row, 1992)

Désolé pour le peu de mises à jour ces temps ci. Tout ce que je peux vous conseille c'est d'éviter d'aller chez France Télécom/Orange/Wanadoo/PTT.

7 bonnes raisons d'aimer ce titre même si one ne fume pas et ne bois pas :
1-Il y a Rage
2-Il n'y a pas Nate Dogg
3-C'est produit par le légendaire DJ de LA Chris The Glove Taylor
4-Le légendaire DJ de LA Chris The Glove Taylor est créditépour ce morceau. (Dre crédite toujours d'une manière ou d'une autre les gens qui ossent à sa place, il suffit de lire les petits caractères)
5-Le morceau dure 12 minutes
6-Il n'y a pas de refrain
7-C'est la face B d'un tube de 5 minutes qui n'a pas de refrain.