Monday, August 20, 2007

Run DMC : Peter Piper (from My Adidas 12")

Run DMC : Peter Piper (Profile, 1986) (DivShare)

Contrary to what Glen E. Friedman once said, Walk This Way was not the first Profile 12" with a picture sleeve. Before releasing the lead single off Raising Hell they first came out with this "street single", as we call them now. It's also the very first record which bear their famous logo, very basic design and color scheme put together by  Stephanie Nash from London Records' art department Haze. He later used the same idea of stripes and letters for EPMD and then for OBR records' logo.

While My Adidas is a great track, it was immediately overshadowed by the opening track of Raising Hell, the nursery rhyme inspired ode to Jam Master Jay. With so many lines bigging up the DJ, said with the natural authority of Run and DMC, it didn't take long for this one to become a classic, a DJ competition staple. I couldn't name one DJ who didn't used Peter Piper in one of his routines.


Black Stars said...
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704 dj's said...

thk for the look out can you upload the whole 12inch please i would also like the instrumental if possible or email it to me please

Anonymous said...

The Logo was NOT created by Haze it was created by the art dept. at London Records in the UK (where my friend worked at the time). So as you can see HAZE was never an originator only a biter, evidence the EPMD logo you mention. And in fact it was Chuck D. himself who designed Public Enemy's logo, NOT haze.
Fact also is that Walk THis Way was the forst RUN-DMC PROFILE sleeve to have a PHOTO on it,

SLurg said...

That's interesting. While the logo has often been attributed to Haze I was surprised he wouldn't have it on his own website, while he has the very similar Rush logo (same font, same bars). The Run DMC logo has been used in many form, with different fonts and bars of different width. May be Haze only refined an idea already existing.
About the PE logo, Chuck did the target himself, but I would guess that Haze chose the military font that they still use to this day