Saturday, August 25, 2007

Run DMC : Hit It Run (from You Be Illin 12")

Run DMC : Hit It Run (Profile, 1986) (DivShare)

I wonder why Run is never mentioned when people talk about the best beatboxers. Oh, sure, he's not very good, but neither are Biz Markie nor Doug E. Fresh. The Biz got props for making a song about beat box where you barely hear him beatboxing, and while Doug E Fresh sold a million copies of "La Di Da Di", his performance on the song is not impressive.

Hit It Run was DMC's solo, like most tracks on Raising Hell ("Peter Piper", "My Adidas", "Is It Live", "Perfection", "Son Of Byford", "Proud To Be Black") it begins with an a cappella intro before Jay drop the beat. DMC's deep voice, Jam Master Jay's cuts and Run's beatbox chorus divert your attention from the simplicity of the lyrics. Here it's mostly the voice that gets you up...

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alley al said...

i agree with you about run never gettin' mentioned.. but doug was one of the ogs, if not THE og of the beatbox. it was his boy ? who called it beat box, but kurtis blow took it, and placed it on buff cuz he was working with them. i heard that from doug himself on a recent radio interview.
also, biz was probably better at it than run. run had the 1 style (from the records i heard). at least biz and doug and buff did a whole gang of other shit with it.