Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Twin Hype : Lyrical Rundown (from For Those Who Like To Groove 12")

Twin Hype : Lyrical Rundown (Profile, 1989)
Style : What A Brother Know (Select, 1990)

This record is really special, as far as I know this maybe the only rap record wher you could see people wearing old dirty Air Force. Actually Daddy Rich has some fucked up sneakers on the cover of "Derelicts Of Dialect", but then again he's supposed to be homeless. But not a neat looking homeless like Common Sense on "Can I Borrow A Dollar".

This is also one of the hardest work of Twin Hype. Like most of their tracks Lyrical Rundown was produced by Rick Pagan aka Hollywood Impact, best known for his work with King Sun, and a bunch of long forgotten hip-house acts. From what I understand this song was supposed to appear on their never released second album "Double Barrel". But by that time the hip-house trend was over and nobody was interested in them anymore.

Style is the other duo who was working with The Hollywood Impact, much more hardcore, but unfortunately their career was even shorter. If you want to know more aobout Hollywood impact, a year ago Can I Bring My Gat did an entry about him which quickly became a meeting point for his family and friends. I'm sure you can holler at him through this page !