Monday, March 26, 2007

Why so few updates ?

Yeah, I know. 3 months and only three updates is my all time low. No need to mention the poor quality of my latest writings... But I don't resign, keep checking once in a while ! I strongly suggest you also check the other blog I do : Press Rewind. If you like hand picked track with interesting writing, you will bookmark it.

But that's really not what's the most time consuming. What keeps me from posting more is this project :

I'm starting a new label, the first 12" should be out in a couple of days. It's a three-song single, you can listen to two of them on our MySpace :

This 12" contains material recorded between 1995 and 2000. The organic-hardcore-hip-hop feel of "Definition Of A Yee-Yee" which was produced by a beat maker who used to be know under the moniker of Mudfoot (Whooliganz, Soul Assassin...), coupled with the smooth jazzy side of "Foolish Pride" (an Herbaliser composition), should give the listener an idea of the width of T-Love's repertoire. "Butcher's Hook" is a b-side exclusive where T is having fun, flexing east-London lingo with her version of the cockney accent.

No, you can't download them, I won't put full mp3 of the tracks here. If you want good quality, just buy the record. We'll make sure it's available online, and I'll post the address of the stores who carry it on our myspace.

If I don't lose too much money with the 12", an album is ready to drop before the end of the year.

If you're a store owner who want to carry it, or a writer for a magazine and you want to review it, feel free to drop me an e-mail @


Jaz said...

Nice work Slurg...and wasn't Mudfoot James Caan's son the actor dude?, I think his first name was Scott? or was Mudfoot Alchemist's first name I really can't remember.


SLurg said...

Glad to see some know their history of underground hip-hop ! You're right, Mudfoot is now working under the name of The Alchemist. But his music didn't sound like anything he is doing now.

UVE said...

Nice tracks. Hope to get the 12 inch. Do you have distribution in Spain. T-Love is fly and jazzy. And on the "b-side" of hip-hop, no doubt.

Peace from an usual reader.

Celia said...
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Werner von Wallenrod said...

Damn; exciting news! Once I get to a computer with some speakers attached, I'll check out the previews on your myspace. 8)