Wednesday, March 14, 2007

De La Soul : Skip To My Loop (From Jenifa Taught Me 12")

De La Soul : Skip To My Loop (Tommy Boy, 1988)

Prince Paul genius has been quite heavily documented, and people always credit him for eing the first to put skits on his albums. But what is never mentioned is that he also was the first to put skits on singles. Musicians were doing concept albums for ages, and that sometimes require to link the songs with interludes. Having skits on singles elevate the 12" to the rank of art. With a skit a 12" is not just a promotional tool anymore, it's a piece of art in itself.

I know that the actual skit presented here is not really great, but at least the record has nice artwork. There was also an EP on tape with the same artwork that got released at the time with both the Jenifa 12" and their first record, Plug Tunin. But that's for later.


Skylar said...

We had a short lived (it was too dope to last!) live soul show at a local bar for awhile. The highlight was when the DJ pulled the break for Jenifa. It freaked me it out, hearing the OG sample for the first time in my life. I really wish I knew the name of it.

Anonymous said...

The "Jenifa" sample is from Maggie Thrett titled "Soupy" (1965)

Skylar said...

That's why blogs rule