Wednesday, October 18, 2006

KRS One : Word Perfect (from The MC 12")

KRS One : Word Perfect (1996)
KRS One :
Neva Hadda Gun (1997)

This is the actual retail copy of KRS One's "The MC" 12" (technically it's the "Can't Stop Won't Stop" single, since that's the first song on the record). This one also had an exclusive track on it, unfortunately not as good as "Throwdown".

This 12" was released way before the "I Got Next" album, which at that time was supposed to be called "Just To Prove A Point", and the track "Word Perfect" didn't make the final cut. The beat was produced by longtime engineer Gordon Williams, also known as Commissioner Gordon, and it was the first beat he did for KRS One even though he had been making music for many year, since he's also the guy responsible for most of the tracks on Jesse West's album from 1989, and some for dancehall gal Shelly Thunder (who later did a 12" on KRS' own Front Page).

This is not exactly the version you would find on the 12". I made an edit, because Commissioner Gordon had the pretty bad idea to let an uncredited girl sing over the scratching which sounds terrible (both the girl and the cuts !).

So I don't know why KRS didn't keep the song on the album, either he didn't like it that much, or didn't feel like having two songs on the same album with cuts off Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise", which were used on "Neva Hadda Gun" as well.


Straight Checkin Em said...

wish you would have left the song as it appeared on the 12". i dont have a lot of money to buy these records so when you post them, it is a real treat. we would like to hear it as it appeared. but i am appreciative for your work none the less.

Anonymous said...

if anyone can get this song i would be happy to get it! i have heard the song and i loved it!! can someone please tell me how i can get it?