Friday, October 27, 2006

Big Pun : Wishful Thinking (frrom I'm Not A Player 12")

Big Pun, Kool G Rap, Fat Joe & B-Real : Wishful Thinking (Loud, 1997)
Big Pun vs Hector Lavoe :
Never Was A Player

I never was a big fan of Big Pun.

Of course part of it is because he had a terrible taste in beats and that he always picked the most cheesy loop you can think of. It also probably has to do with the fact that I never heard one memorable line from him, not once I thought "hoo, did he just say that !".

But what really makes most of his music barely listenable was his breath. I'm not picking on him, but really, every other line when he had to breathe he made this terrible noise that not only was annoying back then, but which now stays as a dramatic hint of his bad health. And once I hear his "hrrrra" I can't focus on anything else.

But on his very first 12" he was lucky enough to work with engineers like Chris Conway who took the time to edit these noises from the final mix, because that would be really embarassing for him on a track with Kool G Rap.

Also, my man Benoit who runs just did a documentary on latin legend Hector Lavoe, that may or may not hit a tv screen near you soon. I haven't seen it yet, but that should be a good enough reason to play this mash-up of Pun & Lavoe, from the latino version of the Grey album (=an overrated mc a cappellas awkwardly blended over a pop icon samples).


you're fucked said...

you're dead wrong. Big Puns first album is a hip hop classic. He is a wicked lyricist. Did you even listen to it?

SLurg said...

ok if you want. Can you name one memorable verse, or one smart line ?

Anonymous said...


psychonaatje said...

Dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle man who didn't do diddily

Anonymous said...

now if you could up "Wishful Thinking instrumental" that would be nice!

DJ Forcefed said...

I agree about Puns choice of wack ass beats. He definately had a handful of cornball beats, even for the time. That being said he was a dope lyricist.

This blog is dope thanks for the tracks.

Anonymous said...

"Never heard one memorable line"....

Here is one verse from Dream Shatterer:

"You know the Pun'll diss you if
your whole steez is unofficial
I'll come and get you and let the desert eez tounge kiss you
With one pistol and two clips, I'll make your crew do flips
like acrobatics, I'm charismatic, my gat is magic
It makes rappers disappear, whipser in your ear
Crystal clear, come here, let me kiss your tears
Everything you fear is here, you ain't got to search further
The first murder's the worst, now I thirst further
for reverse birth, every verse hurts, every curse word's
already more offending than Eddie Murph's worst
I thirst for blood like a vampire
Any man claimin his game's tighter - IS A GOD DAMN LIAR!
I set him on fire, retire your train of thought
Drain a quart of blood out your brain and leave you insane in the dark
The king of New York! Lays his crown in the Boogie Down
And sprays the town, with a Mac hoodied down
I'm no joke! I soak your face with a sweeper
Die in disgrace, or face your death through the speaker"

No memorable lines?!!

SLurg said...

ok, rhyming "Down" and "Down", or "Kiss You" and "Diss You", or "Further" and "Further" makes it easy to remember, but that's not what I meant by "memorable verse"...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one.

Hell Yup! said...

VERY ill blog fam... I'm enjoying it, but ure completely BUGGIN if u think PUN '...didn't have one memorable line.' wow... mabey he was too fast for u...

Anonymous said...

bad beats....look at his producer line up, i think your crazy, his production was pretty nice if you ask me...Buckwild, Rockwilder, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Juju, Havoc, Mike Heron.......he def picked beats that fit his style, and he's mad original, which is why he's always mentioned amongst the best, and as far as latino rappers go he is thee best.......his lyrics and the way he uses the syllable style of rhyming is amazing, and yea he had breath issues yet you could always make out what he said! you need to actually post the entire vinyl to get my credit, anyone can take one song and act like it came off the vinyl, post the full deal or you discredit yourself!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yall crazy Big Pun the illest you gotta check the new remixes I found my boy sent me the link
yo these mixes is crazy banging for the streetz check this no joke