Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beastie Boys : 33 % God (from Hey Ladies 12")

Beastie Boys : 33% God (Capitol, 1989)
Beastie Boys : Dis Yourself In 89 (Capitol, 1989)

I don't know if I used the phrase "this is my favourite Beasties' B-side already, but if I did, I was obviously lying. This is my favourite Beastie Boys' record. And one of my favourite records ever.This sort of cut and paste remix is like a more coherent version of what Double D & Steinski were doing a few years before. The main difference is that D & Ski were using every record you can think of, while the Beastie Boys tried to break the record of the most different samples you can get from the Car Wash soundtrack in one single.

I don't know actually if this record is a pure Dust Brothers creation or if MCA, Adrock and Mike were involved in this track, but after this album they never really manage to do this type of track again. But then again, may be the fear of copyright infringement lawsuit came into play.


Anonymous said...

La force des Beastie a (surtout?) été de savoir s'entourer...
Je connaissais pas cette paire de morceaux; espèces de concentré de Paul's Boutique

Sara said...

Aw, man, you don't still have these available somewhere, do you? I just read the Paul's Boutique book and would love to hear them.

Anonymous said...

How about Beats to the Rhyme?! B side to Run's House.

I just played 33% God again, what a great track!

shelbyiiresearch said...

thanks beasties! 33% god fan remix: