Friday, July 28, 2006

Beastie Boys : Dope Little Song (from Get It Together 12")

Beastie Boys : Dope Little Song (Capitol, 1994)
Al Tariq : Just A Lil Joint (Correct, 1996)

After Dr Dre's long track I updated earlier, there shouldn't be a lot of room left on the server, so I just kept two short songs this time.

First is my favorite Beastie Boys' b-side. That means a lot, because we all know how deep their b-side catalogue is. Also it doesn't hurt that it's on the same record as one my favorite song, Get It Together. Resolution Time which was on the same record is a rock song, which they probably included for those who bought the record for Sabotage. It's an OK song, that was also on the CD-version of the single, so you can probably find it easily on the net.

And while on the subject of dope short tracks, here is Just A Lil Joint. All that these two songs share is that they are both one minute and 52 seconds. Yeah, that's a good reason to feature them together.


Anonymous said...

Là tu postes 2 de mes titres préférés, merci Slurg!


Anonymous said...

Wow - Al Tariq! I was just regretting getting rid of his album...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Merci pour la blog!
The AlTarik is damn dope!

did Get It together instrumental has
been released in this EP?

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