Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T-Love : Butcher's Hook (from Definition Of A Yee-Yee 12")

T-Love : Butcher's Hook (Brawl/Pickininny, 2007)

You gotta thank the recession for giving me finally giving me time to update this blog, or should I say resurrect it...
So why not start again with some record I know quite well, since I put it out. I know noboby will complain for copyright infringement here.
This 12" came out two years ago as the first single from the Long Way Up [Basement Tapes] album. We pressed up 1000 copies of the single and it's been sold out for a while. The main track Definition of a Yee-Yee is on the album (limited to 500 copies, all vintage material, with full color artwork at a regular price, email me for info/orders), but the track Butcher's Cut is exclusive to the 12". Actually the song was already out before but only on the japanese version of T-Love's first CD, Long Way Back, but as far as I'm concern if a track is not available on vinyl it might as well not exist. This was recorded when she was living in London and it's produced by Herbaliser, hence the british slang in the last verse.

I also want to give props to my man Xcuz for the artwork, even though the final product didn't end up being exactly how we wanted, I think he did a great job in a very short time.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, thank you, thank you! Was just talking with a friend about the Yee-Yee track and from there stumbled upon this! I have a feeling I'm gonna have to have a look around here../D

base monster said...

it's good to see this blog back up running. t-love is great I like her album long way back, and the basement tapes compilation. not heard this b-side before though