Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swollen Members feat Tony Da Skitzo, Mr Brady & Mixmaster Mike : Paradise Lost (from Shatter Proof 12")

Swollen Members feat Tony Da Skitzo, Mr Brady & Mixmaster Mike : Paradise Lost (Battle Axe, 1997)
Swollen Members feat Aceyalone : Consumption (Battle Axe, 1997)

There are probably more different pressings of Swollen Members' first album Balance than there are of Black Rock & Ron's. I know at least four different ones, and I'm not even a fan. So depending of where and when you bought the album you may or may not have "Consumption" on it. You probably don't have "Paradise Lost" which as far as I know was not on any version of "Balance".

The best thing about those two tracks is the guests. I don't know too many people going crazy over a Madchild or a Prevail verse. On "Consumption" they both try real hard to sound like Acey, but all we really wish is to hear what PEACE and Mikah 9 would have to say instead.

Well the best thing about any Swollen Members song is usually the guest (and obviously they know that since they had the nerve to use other people's logo on the following single) and on "Paradise Lost" it's really Mixmaster Mike who makes the song for me, not to say that Mr Brady or Tony Da Skitzo are boring, but yeah, they are.


Fosterakahunter said...

AY! I used to did Brady quite a bit. I have not, however, heard anything new from him in years.

Anonymous said...

Can you please reup the twelve minute version of Puffin Blunts & Drinkin Tanqueray by Dr. Dre that you did a post on last year? said...

Props for an excellent blog! Way back in May of '05 you posted Diamond d's "You Can't Front (Sh!t is Real)". I either need a password to download it or could you please re-up it? It's a classic that I can't seem to find anywhere.

SLurg said...

I re-up the Diamond D track :

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Swollen Members, man. They suck shit! Get the fuck atta here wit that Battle Axe bullshit. Someone should take a Battle Axe to these weak, wack muthafuckas.


Anonymous said...

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