Monday, June 26, 2006

Common Sense : Can I Bust (from Soul By the Pound 12")

Common Sense & Ynot : Can I Bust (Relativity, 1993)

SLurg : Amis de la poesie (Radio Pomme)

This is a very special record. Sure, that's the record that got me open to Common Sense but that's not the only reason. Ten years ago I had this radio show and I had made a little intro with many different samples. I had a competition where the listeners had to guess all the samples that made up the intro (I upload an old intro, but now that I think of it, it was from another season). The prize for thewinner was they could pick up any record from my collection.

I really didn't think anyone would win, but I really had a few devoted listeners ! So Mrs Aguerguan won and she pick up this 12". Years later I managed to find another copy, and now it's worth 50$ on Ebay !


Electro-B-Girl said...

I felt bad during years and years because of this LP. But don't worry now that i know the price on ebay, i live peacefully with this idea ;p

Mrs Aguerguan, The Radio Pomme freaky fan.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Aguerguan tu devrais aussi dire comment je t'ai aidée sur ce jeu :-)
Et cela me permet aussi de dire que cette emission a changé completement ma vie!
Nuff respect to my bro'


Electro-B-Girl said...

Tu m'as aidée, c'est vrai... Dream Team Courcelloise ;)

J'en profite au passage pour rectifier le tir, ce n'est pas un LP mais un maxi. Voila qui réconfortera les linguistiques vinylesques...

En tous cas, Merci Slurg. We Love. and We love you.

Anonymous said...

waaa le gimmick de Common c'est celui de tout les rappeurs fou de l'époque en un morceau! ^^

Un vrai kiffe ca rappelle les vieux texte!

Meric pour le post, il est bien le mix de la poésie! Y'a un remix de Guru que j'avais bien kiffé