Friday, February 03, 2006

Boogie Down Production : The P Is Free (from South Bronx 12")

Boogie Down Productions : The P Is Free (B-Boy, 1986)

Like a lot of people I heard the remix of Pussy Is Free long before the original. The version on "Criminal Minded" had that reggae sample while the first recording of the song was straight hip-hop with noting but beat box and some 808 sounds.

The B side to Boogie Down Productions’ first single, South Bronx, was really on some low fi tip. Recorded in one take for the astronomical budget of $ 25 with D-Nice as the human beat-box, The Pussy Is Free suffers from a terrible mixdown, but regardless is historically important if only for the inclusion of KRS/BDP signature line “Fresh for 86, suckas !”


Elijah said...

Hmm, the song link ain't working for me...

SLurg said...

The P Is Free (B-Boy, 1986) (fixed)

for some reason I can't edit my post right now.
ill try latter, but at least you have the link here.

elijah said...

Well now that it DOES work, let me just say that goddamn, I've been looking for this song for a good ten years... and never entirely sure it even existed. So yeah, definitely thanks for putting this up.